Cost of Living in Las Vegas Nevada

We all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well how much does it cost never to leave Vegas? With Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert but just as much or more can be found there any metropolitan city. Being a very popular location for people all over the world to visit the cost of living is higher than most places. Rental costs, food, medical expenses and children all play a role in the wage a person needs to afford staying in Nevada.

Rental Cost
Finding the perfect place to live may be hard to find in Las Vegas. With most of the cities interior covered by hotels and resorts for tourists Las Vegas doesn’t have as much residential housing as other places. This has a great affect on the price of average rent being higher than the National average as well. For 900 sq ft place to live the average price is $1050. Finished or not the cost of rent is hundreds above the National average of just $700! If this isn’t enough you can’t forget about turning on the water and lights. The average utility cost for the beautiful city of Las Vegas is $182. This is also above the National average but is expected as Las Vegas is located in a rather hot environment. With temperatures reaching 100,℉ or more every year air conditioners are always running in Sin City.

Minimum Wage
With the nation’s minimum wage being a full dollar under the minimum wage of Las Vegas many believe it is easier to profit there. However as stated earlier with medical expenses and housing this for from the truth. The united States minimum wage is $7.25 and the state of Nevada is $8.25. One benefit from the dollar difference goes directly to jobs with tips included. With many jobs across the nation the minimum wage for tipped jobs such as hostess, waitress, car washers, valet drivers etc. would receive a lower minimum wage to make up the difference for the tips. In the great state of Nevada every occupation is created equal as tipped profession also receive the same minimum wage rights as a non tipped worker. This is a great incentive for those in occupations that accepts a lot of tips. Even though the minimum wage is above the nation’s standard and tipped workers relieve equal pay Las Vegas still requires a single adult to earn 10.63 working full time to live. With this fact a lot of jobs don’t pay enough to live a sustainable life in sin city.

Food in Las Vegas doesn’t come cheap as it above the National average. For most common foods such as breads, milk and eggs be prepared to spend around 5-10% more. With the cost of groceries being higher than average the cost of living grows exponentially when children are involved. Usually children don’t put towards income and bills in the home but definitely take from the groceries in the home. Like money and housing food is a necessity to live in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world. The United States of America is known to throw a high percentage of food. This fact may unfortunately be having a negative affect on prices across the country on the cost of food usually increasing.

Health expenses like many others are higher in Las Vegas than other locations in the united States as well. Being a very well known city for tourists, partying and consuming alcohol accidents are inevitable in Vegas.

Living Situation
A person’s living situation and responsibilities are very correlated to the cost of living in Las Vegas. Like anywhere else children play a huge role in the wage needed to sustain a comfortable way of living. For instance two working adults are the most ideal way to live in any location. With two working adults in a household the required wage to live drops for both person’s. From 10.63 to a more manageable $8.80 per person to live together. With this new living wage just fifty five cent above the minimum wage line many adults who live to together should have less financial stress. Living above ones means is usually the only problems a couple May have when both partners are working. When children are involved and a single adult is working the situation may look a lot more bleak for a good living. For a single parent working with just two kids the minimum wage needed to live raises to a shocking $29.30. Many jobs which offer a wage this high requires college education and sometime more. In some cases people never achieve a job that this high of a salary so in turn nay need governmental assistance. With average child care in Las Vegas being over $7000 this is most important factor to consider if living in the city.

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